The Closet/Ashamed Twilight Fan

If there’s one thing I can’t understand about Twilight fans, it’s this – most of them seem embarrassed that they’re fans to begin with. Surely if something is that good, you wouldn’t care what others think and you certainly wouldn’t feel ashamed? But yet I have encountered many a Twilight fan who sheepishly admits that they have read all three books, watched all the movies and kinda, sorta, maybe loved them. The conversation goes something like this:

me: I really don’t get the Twilight hype.

closet/ashamed Twilight fan: (awkward silence) ….. (reluctant admission) ya, I didn’t get it either, but then I read all three books over one weekend and they’re not that bad.

me: really? and you enjoyed them?

closet/ashamed Twilight fan: Ummm, well they’re kind of silly, but they’re really intense. I just couldn’t put them down.

me: the trailers for the Twilight movies just seem so bad.

closet/ashamed Twilight fan: the books are much better than the movies.

me: so did you watch all three movies?

closet/ashamed Twilight fan: ummm, yes, I booked my ticket before the movies were even released. I just thought I couldn’t not watch the movies after reading the books.

me: Oh, so you really like Twilight then?

closet/ashamed Twilight fan: no, not really. It’s really for tweens. Stephanie Meyer isn’t a good writer.

Maybe you’ve had conversations like these (with adults that is). Every tween under the sun would happily admit to being a Twilight fan – I’m team Edward and all of that crap. I just find it really humorous that there are countless adults who secretly love the books, the movies, all of it, and yet they battle to admit it. There are so many people like this that I’m starting to develop a Twilight fan radar. If I pick up on some half-truths, I dig a little deeper just to discover a fully fledged Twilight fan.

Anyway, that’s the end of my observation. But before I end off, a friend of mine sent me a really funny email entitled ‘If Mr Bean was … ‘ It included pictures of Mr Bean’s face pasted on various well-known celebs and movie characters. Perhaps you’ve seen it already. But this one was particularly funny:

This would make a funny Twilight sequel indeed, with Mr Bean cast as Bella Swan. Kristen Stewart is such a bad actress in any case. That girl has just one facial expression whether she’s on the red carpet, in Twilight, in Adventureland – it’s all the same, Kristen playing … herself!

Anyway, I’m clearly not a fan, but if you are, come out of the closet. You can do it … you know you want to … which team are you on?

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6 Responses to The Closet/Ashamed Twilight Fan

  1. My GOD, the picture with Mr. Bean nearly made me choke! Love it! Brilliant.

  2. Brea says:

    I think it’s the same reason so many “adults” are afraid to admit they like anything else that is normally associated with tweens or teenagers. There’s a cultural bias against that age group that pretty much states that anything they like must be crap.

    I am 40 yrs. old, and I really like Twilight, and the following: Harry Potter, Little House on the Prairie, Hannah Montana (sometimes), Star Trek AND Star Wars (don’t tell any of the ComiCon geeks, though, both sides will lynch me!), Blood Ties, Laurell K. Hamilton’s books-ALL OF THEM, Stephen King, Gene Simmons “Family Jewels”, and sundry and other of what people would call “guilty little pleasures”.

    Just don’t talk to my OtherHalf about Twilight. He gets quite rabid about it, and in defense of it.

    We started off watching the first movie. Thought it was pretty cheesy and over-acted. So, we decided to read the books to see if it was just the actors themselves, or if the whole thing was that bad. Hook, line, sinker. Neither one of us is on a “team”, but if pushed to choose, I think we’d both be on Team Alice. She’s just that cool.

    • Some good reasoning here, and well done for not creeping back into the Twi Twi closet. The imagery of your other half getting rabid in defense of twilight made me chuckle. My sister also readily defends Stephanie Meyer at every turn. She loves her from a writer’s perspective – that winning formula certainly made her a lot of money $$$

  3. lexie03 says:

    HAHA! thats really funny and i kinda know what the closet twilight fan feels. i can’t exactly say that i’m a closet coz i did like them and i am not ashamed to let them know i read all books and watched the movie. just that, later on with the fandom, i find it ridiculous for people to worship them… it just made it shallow. boo!!! if anything, i blame the fans. HAHA!

  4. robotsilence says:

    Actually, Kristen is only able to do one thing.. Look like she’s having a seizure all the time. And a freaky one two. I will admit, I have seen two of the Twilight films, but hated it with much disgust. My sister on the other hand, seems to love it all. I couldn’t even look at the books, and I thought this whole concept of Necrophilia and Bestiality was kind of.. well.. awkward to begin with.

  5. Tanushree says:

    Silly, but intense. Talk about an oxymoron!

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