Ask Akinator The Web Genius – He’s So Accurate It’s Scary!

I stumbled upon this link earlier:

It takes you to a site where a web genie will guess any character you can possibly think up. He asks you a few questions to which you simply respond yes or no. The first character I thought of was Brandon Flowers; Akinator guessed it. Then I thought up Princess Di; Akinator was right on the money once again. I realised that these characters were probably too easy as they’re high profile people, so I thought about Babe the pig – he got it! Then I thought about a cartoon I watched when I was a kid that was discontinued in 1995, Darkwing Duck … he guessed this one correctly aswell! I thought that my pet dog would surely get the better of him, but to no avail – he guessed it too.

I finally managed to stump him when I thought up Moon Face from the Faraway Tree (a book by Enid Blyton which I read as a child). It was a proud moment.

I should be finishing off a varsity assignment right now, but Akinator has stolen almost an hour of my evening. Clearly my essay topic isn’t very interesting 😦

Anyway, give it a go. It is very entertaining.

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1 Response to Ask Akinator The Web Genius – He’s So Accurate It’s Scary!

  1. sensay-j says:

    Woah! Just tried it. So freaky!

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