Body Odor: Seductively Stinky?

B.O. – foul, repugnant, disgusting and altogether revolting? If you catch a whiff and you don’t want to sniff, don’t bother to take another look.

B.O. – aromatic, balmy, fragrant and fresh? If it doesn’t smell stale and you want to inhale, take another look.

Two rules to live by if you’re still on a quest to find a mate. For all of the elevating qualities of the human race, there are some instances when it’s safe to say we’re not much more than glorified animals.

The first time I discovered that smell plays a big role in the choice of a human mate, I was somewhat disgusted. I mean dogs sniff each other! yuck!

It’s been scientifically proven that every individual possesses their own unique body odor. Our sweat glands produce an odourless water and salt solution to regulate body temperature, but the apocrine glands produce a slightly thicker substance that, after interacting with bacteria on the skin, has a distinct odor, your body odor. Not only does body odor play a crucial role in attraction, but it can speak volumes about your health. For instance, B.O. that smells like bleach could indicate kidney or liver disease, whereas a fruity body odor could indicate diabetes.

We may not be consciously aware that body odor is an indicator of immunity, but on a primitive, instinctual level, we are. It’s been proven that individuals are attracted to a mate with a different immune system to their own. It makes sense from an evolutionary point of view – your offspring will get the best of both worlds. So if you are entirely put off by someone’s smell, it may very well be that this person has a similar immune system to your own.

It’s all very unromantic. Surely we’re not that primitive? Unfortunately yes, and we shouldn’t fight our natural inclinations, as our choice of a partner has significant implications for future generations.

Unsure of whether to make someone your significant other? Next time they return home from the gym, breathe in deeply – be honest, do you find their body odor bearable, maybe even pleasant? You may have stumbled across your ‘smell mate,’ unromantic, but true.

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1 Response to Body Odor: Seductively Stinky?

  1. sensay-j says:

    hehe, it is kinda true cos i don’t mind the smell of my bf when he sweats but i can’t stand the smell of some other people at the gym.

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