Personal Blogs: Too Revealing?

Have you ever read a blog post and felt as though you’re secretly reading someone’s journal? I’ve even experienced irrational paranoia that the blogger in question may be able to trace my identity somehow and know that it was me who was tactlessly ravaging through the pages that describe the innermost workings of their heart and mind.

I read a post earlier that made me take a quick look around the room to see if anyone was watching, that’s how personal it was. I recognise that writing is a form of catharsis, but I feel like some things were just never meant to be shared with so many faceless people. I suppose that’s why I started a blog about random things that grab my attention – whatever prickles my fancy.

Can anyone relate to what I’m saying here, or are personal blogs the order of the day? Real people like real things that they can relate to, especially raw emotional stuff?

I love escapism. I like to take a break from the ordinary pressures of life and the weighty emotional issues that plague the human race. I suppose I might even be accused of taking pleasure in writing about frivolous, irrelevant fluff.

Personal blogs – too revealing? I think so. That’s my irrelevant observation for the day.

On a lighter note, it’s the one month anniversary of The Candid Cactus. Cheers, and here’s to a bright future! I can assure my readers that I will deliver informed, hard-hitting, opinionated blogging on the most entertaining fluff I can find. Enjoy the journey and please feel free to contribute.

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3 Responses to Personal Blogs: Too Revealing?

  1. Meghan says:

    Sometimes more personal blog posts give readers the ability to relate to the author. Maybe it helps those who are unable to express their trials and tribulations to read about those who are experiencing something along the same lines. However, I think the “frivolous, irrelevant” subjects are usually the most fun. Lovely read! =]

  2. Brea says:

    I have a blog that I post all that NSFWorKids stuff on. It is very cathartic, and I actually don’t mind if other people look at it. I’m not, by any conventional means, an exhibitionist (Brea is not my real life name, but a psuedonym I use online for almost everything), but I do sort of “let it all hang out” there on that particular page.

    Why? *shrug* Almost every writer I’ve ever spoken to has said that there is an element of “emotional nudity” when you write. You’re putting pieces of yourself in whatever you create, and handing it over for other people to look at, and possibly, comment on. It can be freeing as well as terrifying. Rather like jumping off a cliff, with a parachute, but not sure if it’ll really open before you hit the ground.

    That’s why my main blog tends to be about the day-to-day, lighter stuff. I try to keep the heavy stuff for the rougher blog.

    • I’ve visited your blog, Brea’s Air, quite a few times this past month, and it doesn’t seem overly personal to me – it’s obviously not the ‘rougher blog’? 😉

      The blog post that inspired me to write this post was entitled ‘The First Time I Cut Myself.’ While I was reading it I just kept thinking that I’d never be able to put that stuff up on my blog. Perhaps it is just me. Every time I’ve written/attempted to keep a journal, I’ve pulled it out a year or two later only to feel entirely embarrassed by what I wrote. This has lead to many a diary being ripped up, burnt or thrown in the garbage can.

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