Paris Hilton: Dating Malaysian Tycoon or Teletubby?

What! Paris Hilton is dating a teletubby? You mean she isn’t as shallow as we’ve been made to believe?

He’s a what? A Malaysian tycoon? So he’s an incredibly rich teletubby? Ooooh, It all makes sense now!

I thought I’d shed some light on recent celebrity gossip doing the rounds. Apparently Paris Hilton has been rubbing shoulders with a few more members of the world’s upper echelon, and it’s been said that she is dating Malaysian billionaire Jho Low.

Paris was spotted partying it up at a nightclub in St Tropez where her rumored Malaysian tycoon lover spent in the region of 2 million Euros on Cristal champagne to impress his ever-so-classy mistress who proceeded to bathe herself in bubbly.

Paris Hilton has also been photographed soaking up the sun on Jho Low’s yacht and flitting about on lavish shopping sprees. Recession? Like what recession? Spending money is so hot right now!

Paris Hilton has denied that she is dating the Malaysian tycoon, but these pictures tell a different story. Mr Jho Low certainly isn’t a Greek god, but he’s definitely managed to impress Paris Hilton – and we all know that it takes a lot to impress her (a lot of money that is).

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