Pouting Photos: ‘Say Mwah’ vs. ‘Say Cheeeese’

Pouting photos have become all the rage over the past two or three years. I’m not quite sure who started the trend – Paris Hilton? Kiera Knightly? Angelina Jolie? But, whoever it was, the trend has caught on, and nowadays it’s become really difficult to get women to just flash you their pearly whites. You say, ‘smile for the camera,’ and they act like you asked them to do their best Nemo impersonation.

There is one woman I know who doesn’t have a single non-pouting photo on Facebook. You can click through the hundreds of photos she’s got up, all taken at different places with different people, but her expression remains the same :-X (that’s a pouting smiley for anyone who wasn’t sure).

I would like to point something out to all the pouting gals out there – we were not all blessed with a gorgeous set of juicy Angelina Jolie lips. When a thin-lipped lady is giving her best pout, her mouth looks a lot like a sea anemone closing in on its prey … it aint pretty. And even when a full-lipped gal is puckering up for her best pout, if it’s not done subtly, she just looks like a deranged fish.

I miss the good old days when people would smile if they saw a camera pointed at them. Nothing brightens up your face like a genuine, or well-faked, smile. Instead, hundreds of pouting photos are being taken every day. Snap out of it ladies! Even the celebs can’t get it right half the time …

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