My Two Month Bloggerversary

Those couples that celebrate anniversaries month by the month really annoy me.

Lara: Craig and I are celebrating our anniversary today, so we’re going out for a special dinner tonight.

Me: Wow, congratulations, how many years have you been together then?

Lara: Well it’s actually our 14 month anniversary.

Me: Oh …

I don’t know why I find the month by month anniversary thing so annoying. I suppose I just see it as an excuse people use to go out and have a nice meal together. Why do you even need a reason to do that? And what sort of statement does a month by month anniversary make? One month is a real milestone for you, wow, so why are you together again?

But as I criticise these corny love birds, I have to admit that I feel similarly about my blog. I’m counting our writing relationship month by month – but – the difference is, each month that my blog continues to exist is a significant milestone for me. And I totally feel it’s worth celebrating! So here’s to many more months of me writing about whatever prickles my fancy, and to being a very candid cactus (whatever that means).

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