Zero to Hero: Manchester United Signs Beaming Bebe

The Portuguese footballer Tiago Manuel Dias Correia, otherwise known by his nickname -Bebe – can’t stop smiling, and neither can I. Everyone loves a rags to riches tale, and here’s one that beats all others.

Bebe’s Sudden Success

It’s the stuff fairy tales are made of. Bebe spent his childhood on the streets and in an orphanage. It was just last year that he played in the European Street Football Festival and was considered for the Homeless World Cup. He didn’t make the cut for the Homeless World Cup, but I’m sure he’s not bothered now – the homeless wouldn’t have him, but Manchester United will! I’m sure he has had to pinch himself a few times during the past week. It’s a dream come true for the young footballer.

A Sneer From The Critics

Some have called the decision to buy Bebe from Vitória de Guimarães for over 7 million pounds ‘rash’ and ‘impulsive.’ Manchester United manager, Alex Feruguson, only met Bebe the day before the transfer was made. The relatively unknown Portuguese footballer was recommended to Ferguson by Carlos Queiroz, the Portuguese national coach. It still came as somewhat of a surprise given that Ferguson had recently stated that he did not want to add to his squad, and of course Bebe’s insignificant profile made the decision all the more unexpected.

Will Bebe Prove Himself Worthy?

Only time will tell if Bebe was a worthwhile bet, but it’s been said that the 20-year-old player is very talented – fast, quick in the air and a technically gifted striker.

Bebe stated that he has hopes of emulating Portuguese icon Cristiano Ronaldo who once played for Manchester United. He also admires Nani and Anderson who are still at the club.

My bet – with a life story like Bebe’s, he’s undoubtedly got one heck of a fighting spirit. I don’t doubt him for a moment when he says that he plans to work very hard. People like him don’t take opportunities like this for granted. Only time will tell (that I am right).

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